Youth Run NOLA

Youth Run NOLA creates and empowers a community of healthy, young leaders through running. Youth Run NOLA has two program initiatives with the goal of improving public health and young peoples' network of supportive peers and adults: training at practices at partner schools with participation in local races and Saturday training at six regional parks with families.

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Category: Health
Parish: Orleans
Youth Run NOLA (YRNOLA) creates and empowers a community of healthy, young leaders through running. Founded by teachers in November 2010, the organization began as a grassroots running club in St. Bernard Parish. Programming has expanded from three partner schools in 2010-2011 to its current 30 partner public schools, and the model of teachers running with their own students has maintained. The founding program initiative includes after-school practices with volunteer teacher-coaches. Twice a week, teacher-coaches and volunteer running buddies host practices featuring workouts and wellness trainings at our partner schools. Once a month, youth gather for a weekend race of 5k, 10k, or half marathon distances hosted by a community partner. Through practices, races and the program curriculum, youth develop habits around making positive, healthy choices and building healthy relationships, finding joy and fun in the world, believing in themselves and others, and enduring through challenge. Since its founding in 2010, YRNOLA has been a free opportunity for all young runners, most of whom are growing up in lower-income neighborhoods in St. Bernard, Orleans, and Jefferson Parishes.
"Since being a part of Youth Run NOLA, I now have dreams of one day being in the Olympics." - Kambrian, 8th Grader

"Through Youth Run NOLA, Keymon and Kambrian have built up a relationship they've never had before. It gives them a productive and fun activity to do together. I love the culture of Youth Run NOLA. Everyone pushes and motivates each other to be better." - Mrs.Robinson, Grandmother

"Because of Youth Run NOLA, I ran my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon all in the last year. I never would have done any of those races without this time, and my mile time has dropped from 16 minutes/mile to 13 minutes/mile." - Ms. Danielle, volunteer coach

"Youth Run NOLA is the first time I feel like a belong to a group that fully accepts me for who I am." - Larry, 10th Grader

"This past year being in Youth Run NOLA, I've accomplished a lot. I ran my first half marathon with my dad, and I've become more of an athlete because of it." - Miles, 7th Grader-

"As a teacher, I love seeing students like Miles in a new light. It's always incredible to see who shines in this environment. Youth Run NOLA has been an eye-opening experience for me." - Jane, Youth Run NOLA Coach