Team Gleason

1. Inspire individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries by providing them with leading edge technology, equipment and services.

2. Create a global conversation about ALS to ultimately inspire the solutions that will put an end to the disease.

3. Raise public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting inspiring life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.

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EQUIPMENT, SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGY - Helping deliver leading edge equipment, services and technology, The Gleason Initiative Foundation provides ALS patients with purpose and the ability to communicate, interact, and be valuable. Technology and equipment have advanced over the past decade but these services can be taken even further. With these advanced tools, we feel that ALS patients will choose to live extraordinary lives. The Gleason Initiative Foundation is working with leading technology companies like Microsoft, assistive device leaders, including Tobii, and other organizations, universities and groups to lead the effort in fostering the development of new and advanced technologies

PUBLIC AWARENESS - Steve Gleason has always pursued travel and adventure. To raise public
awareness for ALS, The Gleason Initiative Foundation helps provide, coordinate and document
extraordinary lifetime adventures for ALS patients. By documenting these lifetime adventures, The Gleason Initiative Foundation helps ALS patients inspire others and share their story with the world.
"The Gleason House at St. Margaret's has helped motivate me to be more independent than if I was at home. I am taken care of by a loving, caring staff who treat me like family. I also have created lifetime friendships with other pALS in the home. I am forever grateful. Around these halls they know me as "Speedy"!"
- Maxine, pALS

"The device has been a huge help to our family now, but it also gives us peace of mind for the future to be able to turn on eye gaze when she will lose her ability to write. Knowing that we will have a way to communicate with Mom gives our family tremendous peace."
-Natalie, daughter of Lillian (pALS)

"The eye gaze equipment from Steve Gleason has given me back my identity as a musician. About a year ago I started to think about attempting a large project, a new composition for full choir and orchestra. Due to the method I had to use to write music, note by note using eye gaze, the process took three months of almost daily work. But the work was enjoyable and rewarding. What resulted was the piece, "God So Loved The World, This Is Christmas" with a premier performance by the Mosaic Arts Choir and Orchestra in their annual Christmas concert. The piece was picked up for publication by Sound Music Publications and is now available on their website. All of this was not possible without the generosity of Steve Gleason's organization and the eye gaze equipment they provided. ALS does not define me. Thank you Steve! No white flags!"
-Jim, pALS