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The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation strives to make New Orleans a safer place to live, work and visit. We accomplish this by promoting excellence in policing, efficiency in criminal justice and positive community engagement.

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Category: Public Safety & Crime Prevention
Parish: Orleans
The NOPJF is a bridge between private sector stakeholders and the public agencies responsible for criminal justice in Orleans Parish. The NOPJF drives innovation, reform and accountability in ways that make the New Orleans justice system more efficient and effective. As an incubator of new ideas, the NOPJF studies national best practices and tests innovative approaches. As an agent of change, the NOPJF formulates data-driven solutions to the most pressing problems in the New Orleans criminal justice system and demands accountability.

In late 1995, concerned New Orleans residents and business leaders formed the NOPJF to address an unprecedented surge in violence and widespread police corruption. Within the first four years of existence, the NOPJF played a decisive role in increasing NOPD manpower by 35% (+400 officers) and helped New Orleans lead the nation in murder reduction (-55%). In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the NOPJF expanded its focus to encompass the broader criminal justice system, facilitated improved cooperation between the District Attorney and NOPD, dramatically improved interagency technology and data sharing through the Orleans Parish Information Sharing & Integrated Systems (OPISIS) initiative, and helped Criminal District Court and NOPD inventory and repackage over 13,000 items of evidence damaged by floodwaters.

The NOPJF has one purpose: to make New Orleans a safer place to live, work and visit. The most urgent priority is growing NOPD. There is a strong correlation in New Orleans between violent crime and the size of the NOPD. The NOPD cannot execute proven crime fighting strategies such as "Hot Spot Policing" when resources are devoted to basic police services. No anti-crime strategy will be effective without more officers.

Our programs are a reflection of our ethos as an organization: efficient, effective, and accountable. Unwavering in our support, we use data-driven analysis and community partnerships to address complex challenges. From Federal government grants to the $10 Adopt-A-Cop donation, we ensure that every dollar makes a difference.

Recruitment - NOPJF is committed to rebuilding NOPD's ranks with top quality candidates. In 2013, NOPJF launched a state-of-the-art recruitment site ( The NOPJF then aggressively pursued a nationwide geo-targeted digital media recruitment campaign and began reforming the NOPD hiring process. Working together with the City of New Orleans and the NOPD, applications for NOPD went from a mere 700 annually to more than 4500 annually. In 2017, the NOPJF's in-house data-driven campaign increased applications by 70% and cut advertising costs per application by 40%. The higher application volume, improved audience targeting, and active outreach to applicants increased the number of candidates passing the NOPD entrance exam by nearly 50%. In October, NOPJF implemented paperless background investigation software for NOPD. Subsequently, NOPJF developed a custom relationship management app on the SalesForce platform to help NOPD track and engage high-quality candidates throughout the hiring process. Our aggressive recruiting effort has resulted in 400 new NOPD hires since 2014.

Training - The NOPD's ability to fight crime depends on the skilled execution of strategy by professionals operating in the field 24/7; hence, the NOPJF supplements NOPD's training capacity in topics such as leadership, interview and investigation, and fair and impartial policing. In 2017, the NOPJF sent five NOPD Commanders to the PERF Senior Management Institute for Police and four NOPD Lieutenants to Northwestern University's School of Police Staffing and Command Leadership Development Training program. In total, the NOPJF invested $81,000 in advanced leadership and management opportunities in 2017 alone.

SafeCam NOLA - SafeCam NOLA is a community safety initiative that allows residents and businesses to collaborate with NOPD in the fight against crime. Citizen-provided camera footage is an invaluable asset to police, helping establish leads, identify perpetrators and prosecute criminals. Under NOPJF leadership, the database grew from approximately 1,100 cameras clustered in the French Quarter to over 4,400 citywide. The database gives detectives contact information for the private camera owners closest to a crime scene.

Adopt-A-Block - Adopt-A-Block is an innovative program that fills gaps in private security camera coverage in crime hot spots. This program, entirely funded by private donations, installs private security cameras in high crime neighborhoods identified by NOPD. Volunteers register their cameras with the SafeCam program. Since August 2015, NOPJF has installed over 300 cameras on homes and businesses. An impact assessment in the first target area of the initiative found that the number of robberies fell by 70% and the percentage of robbery cases solved by NOPD increased from 9% to 50% in the year following camera installations.

OPISIS - The Orleans Parish Information Sharing and Integrated Systems program (OPISIS) is a collaborative initiative enhancing the criminal justice system by improving the timeliness, quality and completeness of information available at all stages of the justice process. Under OPISIS, the NOPJF has implemented more than 10 major software projects including an electronic subpoena system used by three courts, the Sheriff, NOPD, the DA and the Public Defender to send over 70,000 subpoenas annually. Other successful projects include the Data Exchange Server that collects and exchanges mission critical data from NOPD, the Sheriff and Criminal and Municipal Courts. The most recent project completed under OPISIS is JusticeView, a software application developed by NOPJF that provides users with case history information from Municipal Court, Criminal Court and Magistrate Court through a single interface. In its capacity as OPISIS facilitator, the NOPJF was the principle author and lead coordinator of the official Criminal Justice Information Sharing Strategic Plan adopted by the New Orleans Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in December 2014.

Tuition Assistance - The Tuition Assistance Program assists NOPD officers and civilian employees in furthering their education at the university level. The Foundation recognizes the importance of higher education and encourages each individual to achieve his or her full personal and professional potential. Since 1999, the program has provided over $545,000 in assistance to NOPD employees seeking to advance their careers through higher education. The NOPJF pays $25,000 annually from our general operating budget for this program.

Adopt-A-Cop - Throughout Carnival season, NOPD officers work 12-hour shifts on patrol and parade routes. Adopt-A-Cop Mardi Gras Support provides our Krewe in Blue and visiting law enforcement much-needed hot meals, healthy snacks, and beverages during the long days and nights of Mardi Gras.

Adopt-A-Horse - The NOPD's Mounted Unit is an integral part of its world-class crowd control operations. Historically, NOPD acquired horses for the Mounted Unit from the Louisiana State Penitentiary's now-defunct breeding program. Through Adopt-A-Horse NOPJF is raising funds to create a sustainable internal breeding program and provide the equine officers a proper exercise turnout. In the spring of 2017, NOPD welcomed its first return on the investment with the arrival of a colt dubbed Tebo Stardust and a filly named Detroit Lady.
"The New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation is the only nonprofit organization exclusively dedicating its support to the New Orleans Police Department. The NOPJF provides the equipment, training and technology my officers need to fight crime and make New Orleans a safer place to live, work and visit."
- Superintendent Michael Harrison

"Thanks to the philanthropic support of the New Orleans citizenry along with a remarkable staff, the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation has provided our police department with critical resources needed to improve efficiency and to be better equipped to protect and serve the entire community. I joined the board because I believe that we, New Orleans Citizens, deserve the best, most well trained and well equipped police department possible. I am proud to serve on the Board of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation because I know we are making a marked difference in the New Orleans community with every officer we help recruit, train and support."
- T. Semmes Walmsley

"Enjoying the honor and privilege of serving as a NOPJF Executive Board Member is a natural and even compelling opportunity for me-as a lifelong public servant and federal criminal justice professional-to continue my contributions to the city I love and the safety and quality of life of those citizens I can continue to serve. As a retired career federal prosecutor…and as the great grandson of a New Orleans Police Officer who gave his life in defense of this community over a century ago, working with NOPJF President & CEO, Melanie Talia and her dynamic team to provide robust support to our men and women in blue is one of the most meaningful and rewarding ways I can realize my continuing sense of duty to the city and its people. And the giants of the community with whom I serve on the Board make the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation the tremendous force for good it is today and will be tomorrow."
- Jim Letten