Capoeira and Brazilian Cultural Arts Center

The Capoeira and Brazilian Cultural Arts Center teaches Afro-Brazilian history and culture through the music, martial art, and dance of Capoeira. We emphasize health and wellness, morality, respect, and self-confidence, while teaching and preserving the rich history of slave populations. In collaboration with sister programs in Brazil, we invest tuition and fundraising capital in free instruction to under-served communities in the neighborhoods where we teach.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
Capoeira New Orleans is the first contemporary Capoeira group on the Gulf Coast and since December 2006 the group has set out on its mission of creating awareness of Brazilian culture through Capoeira and the Afro-Brazilian arts here in our beloved city.

The Capoeira and Brazilian Cultural Arts Center's (CBCAC) main goal is to perform community outreach activities to people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities through training students in the art and culture of Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art. Through exposure to Capoeira, the leaders of this organization aim to instill confidence in those who study Capoeira; encourage knowledge of the Afro-Brazilian culture; develop musical and physical abilities; and, improve the quality of life of those in the greater New Orleans area.

CBCAC Programing

Kid's Capoeira Classes
Kids get a fantastic workout that improves flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance all while having fun!

Community Kids' Scholarship Program
Capoeira New Orleans offers scholarship classes to New Orleans youth who are interested in trying the art form but may not have the resources to pay the cost of normal admission. These special classes for neighborhood youth are free of charge and will be specially suited to foster discipline, self-control, respect for self and others, playfulness and curiosity about the world. Youth in the program will participate in one class per week, but may be eligible to matriculate into other classes for kids' and adults at our main academy location after completing the program. Admission is open to any child who can show up to the class on time though we suggest arriving 15 minutes before the start of each session.

Classes are held Saturdays at 1:30 at our 1016 N. Broad Street location.

Capoeira naturally blends motion, music, and language learning. Our music program seamlessly integrates learning to play the traditional capoeira instruments and picking up a new language by singing in Portuguese into regular capoeira classes.

Cultural Exposure
CBCAC promotes cultural connection with the local community by conducting capoeira demonstrations at popular festivals and events; and, hosting annual workshops on popular Brazilian dance forms like Samba and Forro.

Inspiration: Donation Levels

A donation to the Capoeira and Brazilian Cultural Arts Center helps us maintain our facilities, and provide low- and no-cost classes for under served youth in our neighborhood. With your help we can grow our presence in New Orleans and expand our global programming. From as little as a t-shirts to scholarships, no donation is too small.

T-Shirt - $10 / $38R
Arte Reviver takes great pride in its logo: our academies are the stars in the sky, but children are the sun. We simply would not exist were it not for our drive and passion to train children in the art of capoeira. A t-shirt is a marker of inclusion in our global Arte Reviver community.

Complete Children's Uniform - $50
Provide a child with the appropriate athletic wear for capoeira, and pride in their appearance during class and in their community.

Berimbau - $100
The berimbau leads the roda where we play capoeira.

Bateria - $700
The complete musical line-up is called the bateria, but everyone participates by singing. A bateria includes and is not limited to one berimbau, pandeiro/ hand drum, an atabaque, and one agogo.

Capoeira New Orleans Children's Tuition - $85 / month
Tuition for a child covers instruction in the martial art, music, and dance of capoeira at our Mid-City academy.

Community Kids' Scholarship Program
Support a child's interest in capoeira today!

Batizado Scholarship: Arte Reviver Brazil - $75 / $282R
Batizado is an incredibly special day each year. New students are inducted into their practice of capoeira, and cordas are given out to signify the hard work and training of both children and adults. Batizado fees cover special master classes in movement, music, and more in capoeira, and allow every student to be a part of the celebration.

Arte Reviver Scholarship: Arte Reviver Brazil - $100 / $370R (six months) or $200 / $740R
Arte Reviver offers community classes throughout Goioere. Scholarship allows a student to take full advantage of the instructors, instruments, classes, rodas, and more - and is an irreplaceable experience for any capoeirista.

"I have been involved with Capoeira New Orleans for almost 10 years, since the time I was a freshman in college. Throughout this time, I've had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing manner in which this group has built a community where youth feel safe, empowered, and are able to have fun! We offer youth and adults the unique opportunity to build community through martial arts, music, and dance. "
- Anthony Santos, Juvenile Diversion Counselor

"It's not an overstatement when I say that capoeira has completely changed my life for the better, and that the instructors and students of Capoeira New Orleans have become some of my best friends and an extension of my family. Capoeira is a complete art form including martial arts, dance, song, foreign language, history and Afro-Brazilian cultural tradition. It has made me stronger physically and mentally, and, after nearly eight years of training, it continues to reveal itself to me. A huge part of capoeira is the sense of play. As a man in his 40s, I cannot express how unique of an opportunity it is for someone my age to have the opportunity to get out there and just play around as often as I do with capoeira. It's physically challenging and mentally engaging, and, frankly, it keeps me young. Another huge part of capoeira is the sense of equality. With roots in rebellion, the original practitioners of capoeira fought to take themselves out of their conditions of enslavement while yearning for equality. Capoeira today embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs into a worldview of respect and equality. At Capoeira New Orleans, we have a tremendously diverse group of students that engages with a sense of respect and that holds the belief that we have more that unites us than divides us. I cannot recommend capoeira highly enough. I've seen it change troubled kids into disciplined young adults, I've seen people go from overweight to extremely athletic. And I've personally felt how it has changed me to be a stronger, more confident person, and more fulfilled member of my community. What does capoeira mean to me? Capoeira means the world to me."
-David S. Gavlinski, Interim Chief of Staff, New Orleans City Council