New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation

To support and enhance the performance of the men and women of New Orleans EMS in their mission to provide excellence in prehospital emergency care and community outreach in order to better serve the citizens and visitors of New Orleans.

Our 2017 GiveNOLA Day Goal is: $35,000 - Funds support continuing education, behavioral health counseling, ballistic protection, specialized equipment, and employee morale (ie. employee recognition and meals during special events requiring extended shifts).

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Category:Public Safety & Crime Prevention
New Orleans EMS Foundation provides vital private funding to New Orleans EMS where the city's budget ends. The foundation supports employee morale, purchases equipment, provides grants and materials for continuing education and provides funding support for public health community outreach efforts.

An urban emergency medical services department relies on more than ambulances to provide high quality prehospital care. New Orleans EMS lacks fully updated equipment and technology from automated CPR devices to technical rescue equipment. Continuing medical education and community outreach is paramount, the foundation helps New Orleans EMS to better train its personnel, improve its leadership, and strengthen ties to the community.

In 2016 NOEMSF funded the following activity through out active fundraising, grants and merchandise sales: New Orleans EMS HQ Gym, Meals during 16hr long Mardi Gras shifts, Active Shooter Ballistic Protection Kits (ballistic vests, helmets and medical supplies to support mass casualty shooting incidents when seconds count), Continuing Education lectures on special topics (ie. Marfan syndrome and hazardous materials patient care).

In 2017, our GiveNOLA Fundraising goal is $35,000, help us support continuing education and academic scholarships enabling EMTs to attend paramedic school (Cost: $6,000) (Goal: $12,000 funds, four(4) $3,000 scholarships), provide additional Behavioral Health support (Goal: $10,000 covers, 24/7 Critical Interventions and additional hrs of scheduled visits for employees exceeding their insurance plan coverage), offer ballistic vest protection grants (Goal: $10,000 / Successful thru GoFundme Campaign and Grant from Hermes), fund equipment that supports an innovative EMS organization's growth and development, and fund employee morale (ie. employee recognition and meals during special events requiring extended shifts) to enable them to best serve the New Orleans community.