Louisiana Children's Museum

Louisiana Children's Museum contributes to the region's future prosperity by engaging children's potential and making that potential visible. Through play, shared explorations, and in dialogue with adults, LCM connects children to each other, adults, their environments and communities.

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Category:Arts & Culture
Open to visitors in 1986, the Louisiana Children's Museum (LCM) is the oldest children's museum in a four-state area, and the only museum in Louisiana to have received the National Medal -- the nation's highest honor conferred on museums for extraordinary service to the community from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

We recognize the critical role childhood experiences play in strengthening children's capabilities, and we value the distinct role LCM plays in engaging communities and families in imaginative and hands-on learning.

Through the development of a first-of-its-kind early learning campus in City Park, the Louisiana Children's Museum's future home (late 2018) will contribute to the region's future prosperity as it connects children to each other, adults, and their environments and communities.
"It's such an amazing place where imagination and innovation run wild! Lots of different things to do and learn. Great for kids of all ages, and their parents too." - Jennifer Mitchell

"Took our 4yr old son today. It was so much fun! For him and for us! So interactive, it brought out his creative side while teaching him about different types of art. It shows us to recognize that art is all around us even in the everyday things. Learning through play holds children's attention. Highly recommend making this a part of your next visit to New Orleans!" - Teresa Boone

"All of the kids absolutely loved it they woke up this morning talking about it...the grocery store and restaurant kitchen were their favorite...I had a hard time keeping up with them, they were moving so fast and were so excited! Best money I've spent all year to see them have that much fun!" - Deone Francois