JCFA's mission is to provide students an alternative path to earning a high school diploma in a safe and nurturing environment. The vision of the JCFA is to re-engage and re-connect students in order to increase the graduation rate, by defining specific avenues to guide our students to post secondary training, education, and work force opportunities.

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Category: Education
Parish: Jefferson
JCFA Charter Schools provide a non-traditional pathway for Louisiana students to earn a high school diploma. JCFA's curriculum features a low 10:1 student-teacher ratio, and blends on-line academics with daily in-class instruction. JCFA students attend school year-round, but are required to be in class for only 3.5 hours/day. Our flexible schedule allows students to maintain jobs, to support their families and communities, and to explore opportunities unavailable in traditional high school programs.

JCFA is a Louisiana homegrown and locally operated Charter Management Organization. A member of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, JCFA currently operates three schools in the Greater New Orleans area. We opened our fourth school, JCFA-Lafayette in August, 2017.
Have you ever thought about giving up on school? You know, just give up and drop out like most people do. Well if you have, you should think harder about your decision because that's what quitters do! I remember when I was one of those people. Just wanting to drop out because I didn't think school was for me.
I highly recommend people to never give up and to always follow their dreams. No matter how hard things get you just got to get up on your feet and keep fighting and keep moving forward. I'll tell you what, I would've dropped out if it wasn't for the school I am at now. The school is called JCFA and it is a wonderful program. This school has helped me out so much and I cannot thank the teachers enough for their time and effort.

Here at JCFA the teachers are terrific and they do an extraordinary job at helping the kids that attend the school. They will provide you with as much help as they can give you, I guarantee it. I feel comfortable knowing that I have a teacher in the class room that is ready and willing to help me no matter what. Just as long as you show them that you're trying and putting forth effort, then they will do all they can to help you succeed. Trust me, this school is the best thing that's happened to me believe it or not.

I appreciate all the help JCFA has giving me. I hope that the program gets bigger and that they continue to do the same thing for others like you and I. I also will try to encourage people to attend this school because they've done so much for me.

Connor Glover