Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc.

Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc. (CCC) is 501(C)(3) non-profit organization serving Southeast Louisiana's coastal entrepreneurs and their families through business technical assistance, social support services, economic development, and disaster recovery. Our mission is to secure coastal communities' resilience by developing transitional mechanisms to support businesses and families on the front lines of ecological, climate, and policy change.

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Category: Community Improvement
Parish: Jefferson
By emphasizing equity and economic stability, CCC gives coastal entrepreneurs the tools to foster and sustain resilience both on land and at sea. Since opening in September 2011, CCC has served over 1,400 clients within our 4 focus areas: disaster recovery, technical assistance, social services, and economic development. In addition, for the 4 years, CCC has particularly focused more on community adaptation and resilience due to climate change, environmental shifts, and the State Coastal Master Plan, to provide economic development programs, outreach, and education to clients across the region to better engage coastal residents and businesses in critical decision-making processed at the parish, state, and regional level. To effectively service our diverse coastal communities, we provide services in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Croatians (as needed). Just in last year, CCC's staff has supported over 800 coastal entrepreneurs and their families in all four service areas, listed below:

● Business Technical Assistance: programs under this focus area sustain current businesses, support start-ups, maintain and create new jobs, ensure business compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide fundamental business education. CCC has been able to assist disadvantaged businesses in areas including business formation, legal entity support, business licensing and permit and compliances, business banking, financial planning, and loan packaging.
In 2017, CCC staff:
○ serviced 593 clients over the course of 1,567 individual sessions;
○ helped open 7 new businesses, which created 22 new jobs; and
○ succeeded in retaining 513 coastal jobs-one of our primary goals in this area is job retention.

● Economic Development: this area focuses on enhancing client businesses to generate income, increase the industry workforce, and expand pre-existing businesses. Projects under this service area include multilingual market support, loan and grant programs, citizenship training, DUNS and SAM registration and renewal, sales tax exemptions, computer literacy, English as a Second Language Classes, Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program (LWSCP) training and registration, and Coastal Restoration Awareness training. Additionally, citizenship is required to obtain a captain's license and own a commercial fishing boat, which significantly improves clients' economic stability. In this way, CCC's citizenship training impacts more than individuals; it supports the vitality and continued social and economic resilience of coastal families.
In 2017, CCC staff:
○ provided immigration-related programming to 144 clients. Significantly, 24 clients became U.S. citizens in 2017 after undergoing our extensive training program, receiving one-on-one support and interview preparation and/or application filing, among other support measures;
○ secured contracts with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for 7 coastal businesses to participate in the Deepwater Horizon Oceanic Fish Restoration Project. Overall, these businesses earned a total of $440,000 over several 4-month contracts; and
○ assisted 28 clients in renewing DUNS numbers with approved SAMS registrations. One client obtained DUNS and SAMS for the first time.
DUNS and SAMS connect government agencies to coastal businesses seeking contract work, which is critical in the current economic climate. Additionally, 29 CCC clients are in the queue to take their citizenship tests in 2018.

● Social Services: this technical assistance area provides disadvantaged coastal entrepreneurs and their family members with a wide range of social services that improve their quality of life. Through CCC's translation services, we have supported client applications in the following areas: food stamps (SNAP), immigration, Medicaid, LA Chip, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, the affordable care process, and other programs beneficial to their families.
○ In 2017, CCC staff serviced 273 clients in this area over the course of 812 sessions. In these sessions, clients were given the resources to maintain their legal status in the U.S., received healthcare coverage, and gained access to other benefits and services.

● Continuing Disaster Assistance: CCC's disaster technical assistance ensures that rural coastal communities can effectively recover from natural and man-made disasters. CCC helps clients file disaster claims, provides translation application assistance and offers other services that help coastal entrepreneurs adhere to the legal requirements of the commercial fishing industry. In 2017, CCC assisted 170 clients in this service area.
○ Since the BP oil spill (2010), CCC has helped coastal entrepreneurs recover over $44 million in losses ranging from coastal property damage to medical benefits, real property damage, and in subsistence claims at no cost to them. In 2017, CCC staff helped clients recover $1.1 million in losses due to the spill.
○ Following the hurricane and tornado disasters experienced by clients, CCC secured $325,000 in support to help coastal entrepreneurs and residents navigate federal initiatives (including the Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000, which mediates illegal ocean dumping, which negatively impacts every commercial fisherman in Southeast Louisiana). In 2017, CCC helped 92 commercial fishing businesses complete the claims application process.