Zeus' Rescues

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Zeus' Rescues to eradicate pet homelessness and euthanasia within the New Orleans metro area. The organization is further committed to community-building and pet education with a focus on children and the elderly.

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On Give NOLA Day we will open our 2nd location at 2520 Napoleon Ave. just a few blocks from our current home on Freret St. where we can save even more lives and begin community outreach programs to educate youth about the importance of companion animals and their care. In 2016 our goal was to rescue and rehome 400 companion animals. The August 2016 disastrous flooding in the Baton Rouge area impacted local animal shelters that were inundated with water. We brought in over 250+ animals from various shelters in less than 3 weeks. Our final outcome for 2016 was 534! Without the support of all our furry friends by volunteers and donors we could have never accomplished this!
"You and your team are the cat's meow and then some!!"

"Dede is a blessing to our family each and every day! Thank you for giving us our precious little girl!"

"Thanks to Zeus' Rescues for giving us Kitty G-eorge Michael. He's made himself right at home..."

"I am so thankful for the service that you all provide my family and city."

"Thanks for bringing this amazing Sadie Lady into my life!! She loves playing and tires herself out and it's adorable. Cats are awesome! Thanks for all you do!"

"Thank you Michele for saving Gracie and giving her the chance."