Waldorf School of New Orleans

Our mission is to awaken and draw out each person's individual strengths so that he or she will become a free thinker, a seeker of truth and knowledge, and an enthusiastic participant in the community for life.

The Waldorf School of New Orleans is an independent, private, non-profit school, Nursery through Grade 8, offering the only Waldorf-accredited early childhood and elementary education in Louisiana.

Founded in 2000, our school provides a classical education alternative to the families of New Orleans. Our arts-integrated curriculum is grounded in Rudolf Steiner's profound insights into child development, human consciousness, and our relationship to the natural world.

At Waldorf the School of New Orleans, we witness daily the transformative effects of Waldorf Education on our students: Children once stressed by too much homework and testing at other schools now love to learn. Children who didn't know how to play without a computer are now digging for dinosaur bones in their backyard. Students who were withdrawn or insecure are now building confidence with each new project. Our Waldorf graduates are self-possessed, accomplished, articulate, industrious, kind, and sought-after by area high schools.

We recognize shared responsibility of teachers, parents, and school administration to all the children of our school, to be worthy role models of moral courage, community engagement, and interest in the world. Our school community is a reflection of all the insightful, accomplished, diverse, and creative individuals who are part of Waldorf School of New Orleans.
Alumni Testimonial: "30 Under 30", which appeared in a recent issue of Forbes... The article lists 30 "innovators" under the age of 30 who are "challenging the conventional wisdom and rewriting the rules". One of those selected was Genevieve in the "Social Entrepreneurs" category, and here is the link to her listing in the on-line version of the article, http://www.forbes.com/profile/genevieve-nielsen/! Since Genevieve was a student in the first year of the Waldorf School of New Orleans (known at that time as the Hill School) and had 7 years of Waldorf education... (Post Waldorf) Genevieve's academic record at Davidson College. For some reason, Davidson has a history of making it extraordinarily difficult for students to achieve a 4.0 grade point average, so the fact that Genevieve was able to do so was quite remarkable. Maybe she had something special going for her. Might it have been 7 years of Waldorf education?

- Chris Nielson

Our daughter is getting ready to graduate from Waldorf School of New Orleans, where she has attended since the age of three. Coming from a school that doesn't indulge in standardized testing, applying to high schools was intimidating. Turns out all our worry was for nothing. She was invited to attend Ben Franklin, Lusher and NOCCA. We are proud of her and grateful to the school for giving her all the tools she needs to succeed in high school and beyond.

- Colin & Amy Marquis

We moved our son to Waldorf after a difficult year of a traditional kindergarten. He is so much more confident and calm now. We credit the school with his enthusiasm for drawing and story telling. Waldorf lets him be himself and teaches him life-long skills.

- Cassie Sieple