The Roots of Music

The Roots of Music empowers the youth of New Orleans through music education, academic support, and mentorship while preserving and promoting the unique musical and cultural heritage of our city. Our goal is to provide our students with the resources they need to lead positive, productive, self-reliant lives.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
Our goal is to help build New Orleans' next generation of musicians by providing the youth with the resources they need to lead positive, productive, self-reliant lives. Each year The Roots of Music delivers over 2,500 hours of music education and other academic tutoring, over 30,400 nutritious hot meals, 1,400 bus journeys, and supplies over 200 instruments to children ages 9-14. These resources serve to advance positive outcomes such as high school graduation and college enrollment, while instilling a deeper understanding of integrity, responsibility, and community. We strive to provide a vehicle for our children to take civic pride in the future of their city and in their precious cultural heritage.

Program Objectives
- To keep children off the street
- To bring children from different parts of the city together
- To support economic development efforts in the City of New Orleans
- To develop talent for NOCCA and other intensive music education programs in New Orleans high schools
- To build a nationally-recognized marching band

Measures of Success
- The number of students enrolled
- The program's retention rates
- Total hours of instruction
- Band participation, outreach and competition attendance
- The number of graduating students enrolled in continuing music education programs
- Student GPA and GPA improvement
- Student instrument skill level and rate of improvement