Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival

Your donations will help grow our STUDENT OUTREACH PROGRAMS and help us nurture and support the next generation of literary artists in the New Orleans area. The Festival's mission is threefold: to serve the community through educational, theatrical, literary, and musical programs; to nurture, support, and showcase regional, national and international writers, actors, musicians, and other artists; and to honor the creative genius of Tennessee Williams, who considered this city his spiritual home.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
The Tennessee Williams Festival brings together theater, literature, music, history, and the culinary arts in an effort to reflect and appreciate the culture of the city of New Orleans. While Tennessee Williams and his catalogue of works continue to serve as a touchstone for Festival programming, we have expanded far beyond celebrating this single playwright. Through the incorporation of writing contests for emerging writers, educational outreach for high school and university students, and the expansion of our literary programming to include award-winning contemporary writers, the Festival seeks to celebrate both the local literary culture of the South and literary trends on a national and international scale. We are a 32-year-old 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization, and we are proud to represent the best of New Orleans culture!
"The Festival is a powerful magnet bringing together literary and social elements specific to the great city of New Orleans and the country in general. My participation not only gave me a new understanding of Mr. Williams' work, but a deeper connection to this rich and rejuvenating cultural capital." --Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley