Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.)

T.R.E.E. began in 1995 with the mission to educate children and adults about the life science processes that govern our planet, inspire them to appreciate the natural world, and motivate them to protect it. Each year, T.R.E.E. brings about 1,000 New Orleans area students to learn science in an Outdoor Classroom at Jean Lafitte National Park and in the piney woods of Covington, Louisiana.

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Category: Education
Parish: Orleans
T.R.E.E. conducts three successful programs immersing students in nature's laboratory where science learning is alive and ongoing.

• Earthkeepers™ allows fourth grade students to understand four life science concepts: energy flow, cycles, interrelationships and change (3 days).
• Sunship Earth™ for fifth graders, focuses on seven life science concepts and offers a strong sense of community (5 days and 4 nights, adding community, diversity and adaptation concepts).
• Sunship III™ for seventh graders deepens life science understanding and focuses on implications of decisions that affect their personal lives and their communities (3 days and 2 nights).

Each program has an engaging framework guiding children from one experience to the next. For instance, during Earthkeepers, participants earn K.E.Y.S. which symbolize each step of their experience. While at the outdoor classroom, participants earn their K and E (Knowledge and Experience) keys, while back in the classroom they earn their Y and S (Yourself and Sharing) keys.