St. Paul's Episcopal School

St. Paul's Episcopal School is dedicated to instilling in our children strength of intellect and strength of character in a Christian environment that is positive, respectful, and familial. We encourage our students to strive to do their best, to be compassionate, and to appreciate and preserve the beauty of life.

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Founded in 1961, St. Paul's Episcopal School is an independent , co-educational school for toddlers to 8th grade. St. Paul's focuses on nurturing the whole child and preparing them to be community stewards.
"...I always felt accepted and included in every aspect of the school. Even coming back to visit almost fourteen years post-graduation, I get a sense of "home" as soon as I come through those doors".
- Katherine Klimitas, Graduating Class of 2003

The biggest life lesson has to be that no matter what the circumstances, it's important to be kind to the people that surround you.
- Jon Millikin, Graduating Class of 1992