Ozanam Inn

At Ozanam Inn, our priority is to offer aid and comfort to the most vulnerable within our community. While the foundation of our mission, it is only part of our work. In order to understand the root causes of their homelessness, we work with individuals to move them from homelessness and hopelessness to independence and a renewed feeling of self-worth. Through case management and counseling, we help them realize their potential.
We give a fish to eat today and teach to fish for tomorrow.

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Category:Human Services
Our extensive services, being offered to the poor, homeless and under-served within our community, are geared toward ending the cycle of chronic homelessness and poverty and
implementing lasting systemic change.
Because of the number of services provided by Ozanam Inn, (with our partners on-site), hundreds of individuals and families are referred to the Inn on a daily basis. Our case managers work with over 800 clients, annually, to help them move from homelessness and poverty into permanent/stable housing situations, employment, assist with obtaining disability benefits (when appropriate) and connect them with other vital services not offered at our site.
Case managers meet with clients daily (individuals and families) working to find the root causes of their situations and solutions to bring them out of their current state of instability and into healthier living scenarios. Continued supportive counseling is always available to help ensure lasting successful independence.
While we are not able to house women and women with children at our facility, we provide paid for vouchers to near-by shelters so that women and their children have a comfortable place to rest for the evening, out of harm's way. All other, in-house, services are offered and encouraged to our female clients and children.
Our case management team has been instrumental in changing the lives of many who would, otherwise, not have the opportunities to recover from the obstacles preventing them from living a healthy, productive life.
All of our services are free of charge without regard to race, gender, creed or political opinions. Although the Inn is a faith-based organization, we do not require any religious observances in order to receive any services offered.
"The greatest gift that God gives you is the gift of love. You do not have to agree with everyone, just love them and forgive. It is not about me, it is about God, doing what is right.
I truly am grateful for Ozanam Inn, respect what the staff is doing for the homeless and will be there anytime they ask."
Anthony, Former Ozanam Inn client, regular volunteer and Master's of Social Work candidate at Holy Cross College

"Because of Ozanam Inn's help, I just realized that I can honestly say to my family that I am doing well! No more drugs, no more alcohol, no more not being able to refrigerate my insulin, and, most importantly, no more being homeless!"

"I came to Ozanam Inn to better myself. I wanted to achieve something in my life without depending on my family. To me, life isn't hard, it's what you make of it. I'm not perfect and I've done some things that I'm not proud of. My personal belief is that everyone deserves a second chance. The Lord put me here to show Him, and myself, that I can do this…the sky is the limit on what I am capable of achieving."

"My daughters and I had been living in a shelter for homeless teens. I'm employed, full-time, but could not afford the apartment deposit and first months rent. Thanks to Ozanam Inn, my daughters and I can't stop smiling knowing we have a home of our own."

"With the help of Ozanam Inn, I was able to move into a safe apartment with my son, a place I can afford on my salary. I am so happy to watch my son play outside and have fun."

December 2016: Danielle is in her 40s and had been homeless since July 2011. She became homeless due to surgery and long stays in the hospital, causing her to lose her job and home. Employed, on a full time basis, Danielle was ready to move into her new home with the help of Ozanam Inn's deposit assistance program. When Danielle received her keys she cried with tears of joy. "Now I can take a vacation and enjoy my home, not take a vacation while living in a shelter."