Operation Spark

Operation Spark's mission is to provide career training courses that prepare low-income, low-opportunity individuals for various levels of employment in the technology sector in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond. Technology is the future and we want to continue to open that door for those who didn't see themselves there. We are raising money to provide scholarships for our Adult Workforce program.

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Category: Education
Parish: Orleans
The High School to High Wage program provides an introduction to computer programming and is designed for students with little to no prior experience in coding. It aims to teach students the core concepts of computer programming, basic front-end web development skills, and provides students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. There are 2 different courses: Fundamentals of Software Development and Advanced Software Development. Students are also eligible to earn multiple Industry Based Certification (IBC) in Fundamentals of JavaScript, Functional Programming and Web Development. We also offer students the option of pursuing a Web Design Fellowship if they have completed the previous courses. We have over 150 graduates from this program. These courses are relatively free for students.

Our Adult Workforce program is approximately 6 months of escalated intensity learning geared toward getting each student a full time job in software engineering. Through each step of the program our students will learn more about software, how it is created and how it works. We hold information sessions every Thursday where we go over our courses, financial aid, and what a career in tech looks like. Our first course is a 2 week introduction called Prep, which covers the fundamentals of coding. The next course is called Bootcamp (5 weeks) which is a deep dive into JavaScript and functional programming. The Bootcamp is $825 but is offered on a sliding scale. The final course is Immersion (3 months) where students build apps and websites from scratch while learning new concepts and give presentations on topics in the tech industry. Immersion is tuition-based, but we will work with people who are experiencing economic hardship to ensure that finances are not a barrier to completion. We also assist our students with finding employment after graduation. We have 60 graduates and counting from this program who are working at great companies such as GE Digital, Mumms, and Susco to name a few.
"I thank Operation Spark everyday because they really impacted and changed my life."- Alon Robinson, Front End Developer at GE Digital

"Operation Spark is a supportive community focused on making sure that students succeed. Hands on projects gave me a good idea of what problem solving in the workplace would be like."- Alice Green, Software Developer at Susco

"Software is creativity and expression that can be used to do wonderful things. More and more opportunities are being opened up with technology that can make the world a better place. Anyone can learn it and everyone uses it."- Cain W., Student at Grace King High School

"My favorite project so far was building a website - I got to express myself and other people are able to learn more about me. The class is awesome!"- Amani C., Student at Warren Easton High School

"I like how the class is structured in a way that gives students freedom. With software development the possibilities are endless."- Takara S., Student at New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

"Best experience of my life!"- Neal Taylor, Software Developer at Zehnder

"Operation Spark will take you from 0, to 120, to a career! It worked for me, and it will definitely work for you!"- Victor York-Carter, Software Engineer at GE Digital