New Orleans Film Society

The New Orleans Film Society celebrates the transformative power of film to inspire, delight, and enrich our lives. Our destination film festival offers a cinematic taste of place unlike any other, where vibrant new films, filmmakers, and voices are discovered and cultivated.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
New Orleans Film Society is best known for producing and presenting two growing film festivals annually: the nationally known New Orleans Film Festival (October 11-19, 2017) and the locally loved French Film Festival (April 21-27, 2017). These festivals serve audiences of 25,000+ connecting cinephiles to filmmakers, and filmmakers to vital professional development opportunities, and bring 200+ high-quality films and 400+ filmmakers to traditional and alternative venues in New Orleans.

Through the efforts of the Society, new films, filmmakers, and voices are discovered, celebrated and nurtured, and the city of New Orleans lays claim to a growing, Academy-accredited destination festival!

Other impactful programs & initiatives include:

EMERGING VOICES: provides vital, year-round mentorship opportunities for Filmmakers of color. To create a more diverse storytelling landscape, filmmakers of color in Louisiana need greater access to gatekeepers. Emerging Voices connects filmmakers to high-profile mentors and professional development opportunities to forge new pathways in their careers, ensure their stories and talents are amplified, and promote the unique perspectives and cultures created right here in Louisiana.

CINEMA CLASSROOM: travels all across New Orleans, giving public school students the opportunity not just to view films, but also to analyze and question what they see. With filmmakers present, the students had a unique opportunity to engage with the filmmaking process. NOFF gives students tools for media literacy and an introduction to a viable career path in New Orleans

CREATE LOUISIANA: NOFS contributes to and extends the reach of Create Louisiana, a grant-making initiative which champions Louisiana talent and supports the entertainment industries that are integral to the region

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMMING: NOFS partners with alternative venues, arts organizations, universities, art houses and historic local theatres in New Orleans and the surrounding area to bring great film + conversation to diverse audiences. NOFS also partners with more than 50 community organizations annually to provide free provide free and low-cost opportunities to experience inspiring films.