Jesus Project Ministries / Apple Street Learning Center

God has called Jesus Project Ministries/Apple Street Learning Center to reach and disciple children, youth and adults living in impoverished and marginalized communities; to train and encourage the body of Christ in cross-cultural understanding and compassionate action; and to bring the Kingdom of God to our cities and nations through education, mentorship and ministry.

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Category: Youth Development
Parish: Orleans
Jesus Project Ministries provides a year round support to the Hollygrove neighborhood. This includes the Apple Street Learning Center which is our after-school tutoring program, a free nine week Summer Bible Camp, community events, community revitalization and senior citizen care.
Apple Street Learning Center provides tutors and tools to teach children one on one, and to encourage them, not only in their educational pursuits, but in life. At JPM, children have access to paper, pencils, computers and the Internet - necessities for obtaining a successful education. Recently ASLC invested in the Lexia Learning Core 5 program. This is a student specific, online reading development software. It has nationwide proven success in improving students reading. As always, we provide snacks and take home lunches with milk. Usually about a half dozen young men who don't need help on their homework still stop by around 6:00 to get their "dinner" which is a sandwich, a granola bar and milk.
Our free Summer Bible Camp addresses the need for educational, intellectual and spiritual stimulation for the Hollygrove children during the summer months. In addition to Bible lessons, outdoor activities and games, we integrate art intensives including painting, ballet and theater lessons. We are so blessed that we have so many teenagers who want to spend their summer with us. The teenagers engage in our mentor groups, they listen to guest speakers, go on field trips and partake in weekly life application Bible discussions. Again, lunches, snacks and take home meals are included in all free activities. We strongly believe our summer program is critical in order to keep kids out of trouble and engaged in fun and stimulating activities.
Helping the whole community is a vital part of our mission. We sponsor at least three large outreaches for the community each year: the Thanksgiving Outreach, the Christmas Toy Giveaway and the Back-2- School Backpack Giveaway. Annually we give backpacks with the supplies students need to over 350 children. At our Christmas Toy Giveaway, the same number of children get presents and have an afternoon of fun. Throughout the summer we also have several smaller events where we fix bikes, play basketball and eat snowballs.
Last year brought over 600 volunteers to the community to help with community revitalization efforts. We love our senior citizens. We do home visits and bring them gifts and food. We help with small repairs and lawn care on their homes and property. We have painted a half dozen homes for senior citizens in the neighborhood. And we pick up trash and paint out graffiti on abandoned buildings.
I've had the privilege of working with many of the Hollygrove children. They have dreams, big ones and it's precious to hear their stories! Jesus Project exists to give kids hope so that their futures will be filled with success and not failure, and that is a great story! -Ellie R.

Jesus Project Ministries is a catalyst for incredible change in the Hollygrove neighborhood. Jesus Project Ministries and Apple Street Learning Center invests in the minds, bodies and spirits of the children who attend their after school tutoring and their summer camp programs. For years I've had the privilege of watching children come into their own and advance. One-on-one tutoring, mentorship, take-home-lunches are just a few tangible ways JPM leads children into their future full of promise. -Alexis R.

Over the past 5 years I've noticed a visible change in the community because of Jesus Project Ministries. It's safer for children. The neighborhood is a center where the community meets. Through their tireless work Deb and Rachel are helping transform this section on Hollygrove. -Walt M.

My volunteer time tutoring at Jesus Project Ministries/Apple Street Learning Center is the best part of my week. I am so impressed with all the good work Jesus Project Ministries is accomplishing in the Hollygrove neighborhood. We celebrate the academic progress of each child because we know it can lead to a lifetime of success! From the Apple Street tutoring to the Summer Bible Camp - this could not be a more worthwhile organization to donate too. -Anne C.