The Idea Village

The Idea Village delivers against its mission to identify, support, and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans by serving as the leading driver of entrepreneurship in the city. Our programs, including regular education sessions, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, and our 6-month accelerator are free of charge to participants.

We have provided over $26 million in resources to over 8,000 entrepreneurs and our core accelerator alumni have created almost 3,000 jobs for the community.

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Category: Community Improvement
Parish: Orleans
The Idea Village's suite of programs offered to entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area falls into two categories - year-round programming and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.

Our year-round programs provide direct service to entrepreneurs, utilizing experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) who help fast-track and ignite emerging ventures, and additional professional resources, including legal, accounting, and pitch prep. These year-round services include:

-IDEAx: our industry agnostic six month accelerator focused on creating scalable and fundable businesses that will positively impact the economic landscape in New Orleans by creating jobs and generating revenue. In addition to a weekly meeting with their EIR, each startup in the IDEAx program is paired with a mentor who has experience with a particular challenge or opportunity the company is facing.

-IDEAsessions: one-on-one strategy sessions with mentors and experts who give strategic guidance around specific challenges and/or opportunities that an entrepreneur is facing. In addition to the one-hour sessions that are free to anyone who applies through our website, we offer blocks of sessions to companies that were not accepted into the IDEAx program, in order to help them address some of the gaps we identified in their businesses and potentially make them more competitive applicants for future programs.

-Classroom Content: an educational series where local experts discuss topics relevant to entrepreneurs and business leaders such as HR, patents, investors/funding, self-care, and leadership. These 60-90 minute events allow locals to network with the presenting expert and each other while learning about ways to improve their businesses.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, Presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NOEW) is our annual event celebrating entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in New Orleans. NOEW engages a dynamic and significant network of entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, nonprofits, students, and professionals to support growing companies and elevate entrepreneurial successes through discussion, debate, education, competition, and celebration. NOEW is a free and inclusive platform that brings together the entire community in support of entrepreneurship and innovation for everyone.

"We came in with an idea on a piece of paper and left with a business." - David Perez, Co-Founder of Doorstep Crafts

"I liked the fact that there was such diversity in the subject matter, presenters, and the attendees. I also like the fact that there were topics of big interest such as diversity and inclusion. The keynotes were especially good." - NOEW 2017 survey response

"Idea Village welcomed us into the world of New Orleans entrepreneurs and helped expand our idea from a small app for our company to a national product. We are grateful for all the guidance, support and resources we have received, and wouldn't be where we are today without their help." - Margo Moss and Lee Lemond, Co-Founders of L&M Environmental Response

"The Idea Village helped our early stage start-up gain some serious footing here in New Orleans. From access to professional services and mentors to amazing networking events and media pushes, our brand recognition has become so much stronger. The IDEAx program was exactly what we needed to help navigate some of the daunting yet critically important tasks associated with growing a business, including legal contracts, insurance clauses, accounting and taxes," - Rupa Mohan, Co-founder and CEO of The Sweat Social

"After the IDEAx program, our company was unrecognizable to its former self. The program helped us lay out goals and compose a tactical plan to achieve them. We're a matured business post-program, with a clear under-standing of our vision, mission, and values." - Scott Wolfe, founder of zlien

"The entire NOEW experience definitely lives up to the hype. New Orleans grows stronger from all that Idea Village does throughout the year for the entrepreneurial community. Thank you so much for the experience!" - NOEW 2016 survey response