The Green Project

Serving New Orleans since 1994, the Green Project's mission is to promote a culture of creative reuse by diverting usable materials from landfills and cultivating a respect for their value.

Through our paint recycling program, salvage store, education and community empowerment, we divert 40,000 gallons of paint from wetlands and save 2 millions pounds of materials from the landfill annually!

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Category: Environment
Parish: Orleans
Our mission is executed in four unique ways:

1. Paint Recycling: We collect and recycle unused latex and water-based paint, mixing it into beautiful new colors that we sell for both indoor and outdoor use.
2. Salvage Store: We collect usable and often historic building materials -- such as doors, windows, lumber, hardware, tubs & toilets -- and sell them at a low cost to the New Orleans community.
3. Education: Our mission also allows us to educate over 700 local students and residents about recycling, reuse and building through free K-12 programs and hands-on community workshops.
4. In-Kind Donations: We supply local nonprofits with building materials as in-kind donations so that they can execute their visions.

Because of this, every day we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from landfills and we lower the amount of fossil fuels needed to create new products. Overall, the Green Project diverts 40,000 gallons of paint from waterways and 2 million tons of materials from the landfill each year!