First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans

Through God's continuing creativity, through commitment to Christ's mission with our neighbors, through wide-open fellowship in the Spirit, First Presbyterian Church is "Where the Saints go marching FROM" to change the world.

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Category:Community Improvement
First Presbyterian is a very welcoming congregation. We are known for our hospitality and diversity. Being a More Light church, we welcome the participation and leadership of people of all races, abilities, and sexual orientations.

The largest mission program at First Presbyterian is the Program of Hope, a homeless outreach program that was started in 2006. With the help of volunteers from Presbyterian churches and community partners across the Greater New Orleans area, the Program of Hope assists over 100 clients every week. The Program of Hope is completely volunteer driven and donations of clothing, toiletries, non-perishable food, etc. are always appreciated. Some of the services offered are: housing vouchers, clothing, counseling, job placement, spiritual needs, health screenings, food, and much, much more. Every Wednesday morning at 9 am, the sanctuary opens its doors for this wonderful service. The clients are not only welcome in our sanctuary on Wednesdays but also on Sundays for worship - some of who have become regular attendees and involved in various activities at the church.

Probably the thing First Presbyterian is best known for is our annual pumpkin patch fundraiser. It's the largest fundraising event for the church and a very popular event for the community far and wide. If you were to pass by the church during the month of October, you'd see thousands of pumpkins in the grass yard. Proceeds of the pumpkin patch benefit the Program of Hope and Christian Education programs at the church.