drexel prep foundation

The mission of the Drexel Prep Foundation is to continue the legacy of St Katharine Drexel in support of St. Katharine Drexel Prep School. This year we hope to continue our goal of helping revitalize the athletics department with continued contributions to the gymnasium as well as to the needs of our student athletes.

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Category: Education
Parish: Orleans
The Drexel Prep Foundation is alumnae and supporters whose singular purpose is to ensure that the legacy of the Prep continues for students for years to come. We host fundraisers, contribute to the needs of preppers, and support the school's growth and longevity. Our goal of revitalizing the SKDP athletics department is truly actualizing! Not only have we witnessed our girls earning collegiate athletic scholarships but this year DPF was a proud sponsor of SKDP's basketball team's campaign for the state championship. After a hard fought victory against our sisters and arch rivals, St. Mary's Academy, SKDP's girls were crowned the 2018 Allstate Sugar Bowl LHSAA State Basketball Champions Division III! DPF could not have sponsored our team without your support. Please help us do it again. #2019
"Prep changed my life--in the best way possible. My education there was all encompassing and laid the best foundation for what I think is a successful life. I would not change a single thing about my experience. I now work with Prep and DPF to ensure that all young women have the same opportunity I had. Specifically, I work the giveNOLA fundraiser to ensure that the Preppers who study and represent Prep on the basketball and volleyball courts, cheer on those teams, race on the track field, and march in parades can to do it to the best of their ability. Go Yellowjackets."

torrie jakes
xup c/o 1990, cheerleader

On the morning of the 2018 State Girls Basketball Championship Div III, Ms. Samuel showed up for the trip to the game in her Prep letterwoman jacket saying "We were City of New Orleans Champs in 1985. Let's get it!" (Mission Accomplished)

Romy Samuel
c/o 1986, basketball player