Crescent City Farmers Market / Market Umbrella

The Crescent City Farmers Market is operated by Market Umbrella, a nonprofit organization. Founded in 1995, Market Umbrella has operated farmers markets, provided community programs to increase food access and conducted farmer training to affect both the supply and demand for local food in New Orleans. Using our mission of "public markets for public good" we create thriving public places where all New Orleanians are welcome to savor local food and grow connections in our community.

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Category: Community Improvement
Parish: Orleans
Farmers Market Prescription Program (FMRx): The innovative FMRx program serves vulnerable residents in our community that need additional education and incentives to make healthy choices for their families, thereby expanding access to fresh local fruits and vegetables for all. The program educates participants of the importance of a diet including fruits and vegetables, and assists in reducing the risk of hazardous health issues. FMRx participants receive prescriptions (vouchers) to spend on only fruits and vegetables at the Crescent City Farmers Market, Hollygrove Market & Farm, and Sankofa Fresh Stop Market. Participants must also attend peer-led group meetings twice every four weeks to receive their prescriptions. Group meetings consist of recipe creation, cooking lessons, and overall healthy eating support.

Market Match: We meet shoppers halfway by matching up to $20 of SNAP purchases per visit to spend on fruits and vegetables. Shoppers are eligible to receive up to $80 in matching funds each week! Suddenly SNAP dollars are worth much much more!

Circle Match: Circle Match is a grocery store-based incentive program launched in 2015 in conjunction with Circle Food Store. It expands Market Match, a project designed to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income New Orleans residents through the SNAP incentives. Shoppers who spend $5 at Circle Foods receive an additional $5 coupon to be used on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meet Me at the Market: For kids, the Meet Me at the Market program is often the first place many learn how hard working families produce the food we eat. Children ages pre-kindergarten through third grade meet farmers, learnt to identify produce, and understand that food is not just something that comes from a shelf.

Crescent Fund: The Crescent Fund is a way to provide relief to our vendors and farmers. In the wake of the August 2016 floods in Louisiana, the Fund grants assistance to our market community. Grants will be allocated based on need and will be used to help vendors get back on their feet through financing items such as new equipment, plants, labor and cleaning supplies.