Chartwell Consortium

The mission of Chartwell Consortium is to serve students of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing best practice autism-specific direct educational services and by offering training and support to parents, teachers and other professionals. The vision is that through teaching, outreach training and building autism awareness, every individual in our community who is diagnosed with ASD will reach his or her full potential and successfully become as independent as they are able.

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Chartwell Consortium was founded, after extensive research, in 1999 by parents and professionals concerned about the urgent lack of autism-specific education in the greater New Orleans community, and has developed into a non-profit, private educational program for children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Over the last 18 years, Chartwell has grown from a single classroom to a 5000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. We have enhanced our curriculum by integrating Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) into our already established educational learning center by opening the Chartwell Clinic. During school hours, the Clinic caters to children ages 3 to 6 by using 1 on 1 discrete trial therapy; after school hours, the Clinic serves individuals of all ages. Chartwell Center, the school for children, adolescents, and adults, serves individuals ages 6 to 21, and focuses on academics, communication, and self-help skills. The Program for Adults Transitioning Higher (PATH) helps train adults in a vocational training program by sending them into the community to participate in on the job training as well as working on independent living skills on site.
ASD and autism are general terms for a group of complex developmental disorders of the brain that typically appears during the first three years of life and affects normal functioning of the brain. In May, 2013, all autism disorders were merged into one diagnosis called ASD. ASD is now used as the name for the group of developmental disorders that can cause significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. It includes a wide range, or spectrum, of symptoms, skills, and levels of ability. Some individuals are mildly impaired by their symptoms, while others are severely disabled.
Chartwell enrolls individuals whose learning differences place them along the autism spectrum and welcomes all qualified students without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnic or national origin. Other than Chartwell, there are no private programs specifically designed to serve children of the age range we serve. We accept students from area public and charter schools. We have incorporated applied behavior analysis (ABA) into our program and are now credentialed with private insurance companies as well as with Medicaid. This new development of the Chartwell Clinic will also offer services to other children in the community not attending Chartwell.
"The progress my son has made at Chartwell is amazing! He absolutely loves his teachers and fellow students, and I love knowing my sweet boy is so well cared for and genuinely loved. We adore our Chartwell family!"

"Our 3 years at The Chartwell Center were the BEST... I will be forever grateful for all the tremendous progress my son made here, but especially thankful for the AMAZING staff & teachers, who we miss everyday."