Center for Development and Learning

CDL's mission is to improve the life chances of all children, especially those at high risk, by increasing school success.

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Reading is fundamental. It's as fundamental as getting enough to eat or having a place to sleep: nothing else can compare with its usefulness.

Too many can't, and too many don't. Too many of our children can't read. Only 35% of all 4th graders are reading on grade level, and only 18% of African-American and 21% of Hispanic 4th grade students read on grade level (Annie E. Casey, 2016). Too many, especially those who live in poverty, don't benefit from highly effective teachers and positive learning environments.

You can help to change that. Providing our most at risk children with an equitable education begins by ensuring that every child in every classroom in every school has a highly effective teacher, evidence-based curricula, and responsive learning environments.

We are intentional. We have deep expertise in high yield, evidence-based reading strategies, individualizing instruction to meet specific needs of each child, and building teacher effectiveness.

We have a proven track record. We have provided over 20 years of effective customized services to Louisiana schools, especially in the Greater New Orleans area. Take a few minutes to review CDL's services at

Your donation will help more Greater New Orleans children to graduate, attend college or technical school, and become successful, productive citizens.