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Dear Friends,
Special Notice to Visitors:
If you have every stayed on my couch, or asked me where the best place to eat in New Orleans is, or received my favorite cocktail bar crawl list, or hugged my porcelain goddess after making it only half way through the list... it's payback time! You love New Orleans because the culture is amazing and unique and you want to come back and you want to give back. If you're not making it to Jazz Fest this year, it's ok, you can still give back with your dollars through GiveNOLA Day. Please consider donating to my favorite organization, the New Orleans Photo Alliance (NOPA), proud producers of the PhotoNOLA Festival.

If you don't fall into my guilty friend visitor category, maybe you fall into these categories: lover of photography, the photo community, education through the arts, visual arts, the Gulf States, New Orleans arts and education, or general supporter of causes. Yes!

I am a huge fan of the photography community in New Orleans. It is vibrant and wonderfully interconnected. This community has had such an impact on the Gulf Region and the New Orleans Photo Alliance is at the center of it. I'm campaigning to raise funds for NOPA which came together after Katrina to ensure photography would have a lasting place in this city. It has. In the last 12 years, NOPA has provided over $100,000 in grants to photographers and nearly 100 exhibitions in its lower garden district gallery on St Mary Street.

As the current President of the organization, I am especially interested in our education and outreach through programming and community partners. Our current exhibition "Combat Camera: The Women Behind the Lens," in partnership with the Tulane SOPA with support from the U.S. Military has been a great success. If you're in town, stop by the gallery Tuesday-Saturday noon-4pm and check out the work of these 12 impressive female combat photographers!

Your donation will also help support continuing programs like the EverydayNewOrleans project. In partnership with the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Everyday Projects, this program aims to introduce visual storytelling to underserved communities by using smartphones and Instagram.

And of course it will continue to fund a year of exhibitions, monthly member programming, PhotoNOLA Festival, UnderExposed and our grant fund program. For more information, please visit

Thank you!

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Calling Friends and Photo Lovers in Support of New Orleans

Goal: $7,500.00
Raised: $2,410.00