Ashe' Cultural Arts Center

The mission of Ashé Cultural Arts Center/Efforts of Grace, Inc. is to use art and culture to support human, community and economic development.

Ashé ( ah-shay) - " the ability to make things happen, so let it be done. amen." - Yoruba Language

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
I call Ashe 'the Bahamas' - I am sure it may be different for those who work the demanding schedule required by a place like Ashe. - but going to Ashe for me is like going on vacation. There is art, music, dance and film there, and interest in developing the African diaspora community… There is also a wonderful opportunity to live the principles of oneness at Ashe. We can practice unity. It is a microcosm of a village…I would go there because I could grow my talent, I could go after work… At Ashe I could explore other places within myself… I have been a greeter at Ashe, I have social capital I have been told. People see me in the street and say they met me at Ashe - at one time I was meeting 15 new people a week! "

Olayeela Daste | Storyteller | Educator | Activist | Healer | Ashé College Unbound Graduate

" I'm a screen printer, and had lost my equipment during the storm. Once I got my equipment back, I told them I would love to be a partner and do some shirts for them - which I have - for the Kuumba Institute and V-Day…the connection with Ashe and the Craige Cultural Center is a working relationship - an example of how Black businesses can work together and sustain each other. I will forever be grateful to Ashé because they were one of the first big orders I got after I got my equipment back. Working with them helped grow my business... Ashé is like family to me…without Ashé there wouldn't really be a cultural mecca here in New Orleans…"

Vincent Craige | Owner Craige Cultural Center

"My first experience with Ashé was last year with Kuumba when my daughter was enrolled. As a student at ISL she is exposed daily to Spanish culture, and I wanted something to aid in my efforts to teach her more about herself and her roots. I got more than I bargained for...Ashé has helped to encourage a spirit of independence, awareness and respect---I notice my children's questions and comments are more thoughtful and thought provoking, globally conscious and community minded. Their interests have been piqued in areas that even I have not explored, and their confidence and problem solving skills are increasing."

Chauna | Parent | The Kuumba Institute

" In my opinion, Ashe is the most powerful representative of the African American sector in the South. Ashe has been an inspiration to me in many ways. They have been around for a while, they have the whole building now as a community center. They are powerful, and insightful... I think of Ashe as an ally for the future of New Orleans… I really believe in the alliance between Latinos and African Americans. Many folks in the city believe in the creative parts of the culture, but we live right here, in the neighborhood…"

Hugo Montero | Artist | Visonary | Owner of Casa Borrega

Funmi" People here at Ashe' believe in you, I've had more help from people here than most members of my family. The faculty at Ashe' College Unbound was/ is very supportive. They believed that I could succeed when I didn't think I could…. They said just go on and do it, and I found a way. I enjoy being a member of the Ashe' family and interacting with everyone. "

Olorun Funmi | Ashé College Unbound Graduate