ACLU Foundation of Louisiana

The ACLU of Louisiana is the statewide affiliate of the ACLU, our nation's guardian of liberty. Since 1956, the ACLU of Louisiana has worked daily in the courts, the State Legislature, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Louisiana.

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Category: Human Rights
Parish: Orleans
In 1968 as a college student, I learned the ACLU's important role in protecting freedom of speech and assembly when it protected my rights then to exercise those freedoms. The ACLU continues to protect Americans' Constitutional rights, in the face of increasing efforts to limit or deny those rights. I have not always agreed with every position that the ACLU has taken; however, my support for the ACLU has never wavered because it steps up when others cannot or will not take the action necessary to protect our cherished freedoms. For almost 50 years, my husband and I have supported and donated to ACLU's national and local work and encourage others to do so as well.

Linda Herman Mullenbach
New Orleans, Louisiana

I find the ACLU to be the conscience of our freedom loving society in the fight to protect individual rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The ACLU has assisted me dramatically in my quest for recognition of LBGTQ community. The ACLU has recognized this group as productive, creative and contributing members of our society. The Human Relations Commission, which I direct, is eternally grateful for the ACLU's guidance and support.

Each day issues of human and racial and religious issues are given attention and often defends those who cannot speak for themselves. The ACLU is the resource as the protector of human rights, reproductive rights, immigration, voting rights and works daily in courts, legislatures and communities.

Larry Bagneris, Jr.
New Orleans, Louisiana