Abeona House

No family should have to choose between exceptional childcare and feeding their family.

Abeona House Child Discovery Center provides exceptional childcare and early childhood education to children ages six weeks to five years. A non-profit childcare center inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we serve families in the Greater New Orleans area from diverse backgrounds with joy, equity, and love.

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No family should have to choose between exceptional childcare and feeding their family. Abeona's commitment to diversity means that we actively recruit children from all financial backgrounds -- and our Scholarship Fund makes that possible. Your GiveNOLA Day generosity will be used for Abeona's Scholarship Fund.

Imagine a room with tiny chairs and tables, a dress up station full of sparkly costumes, a kid-size kitchen, a cozy corner for quiet reading, and walls decorated with pictures of kids' families. Lunch is cooked in-house -- from sunbutter sandwiches to kale & sweet potato salad -- and eaten family-style in the classroom, where every child has a seat.

Every child deserves to be a part of a learning family like Abeona, where children lead the way in their educational discovery. Classrooms are warm and welcoming, and our kids are greeted every morning with smiles and songs. There's no cookie-cutter approach at Abeona. Instead, every child is encouraged to express their unique personality, while learning to respect their peers. Teachers use children's excitement to inspire lesson plans, and no child is forced into any activity. The result is children who love learning, and are excited to go to school.

Your generosity will help more children love learning, and allow our kids to love and learn from their diverse New Orleans community.
"Abeona House is so, so, so, so, so, so, so fun. You get to do lots of cool things: like painting big teepees in the Fish Cove (classroom), and you get very messy. " - Maxwell, Abeona Alumni

"There is no better place to nurture a child through their early development years than Abeona House." - Amy, Abeona parent

"I love Ms. Erin because she's the funnest teacher in the school." - Elizabeth, Age 3

"Abeona House gives our children wings to fly." - Christy, Abeona parent