A Shared Initiative, Inc.

ASII's mission is to provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education to the communities we serve.

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Louisiana is one of the least financially literate states in the U.S.* There is a great need in our community for financial education as many individuals lack the understanding to successfully navigate our complex financial system. This lack of understanding is a primary barrier to economic and social empowerment. We know the problem of financial illiteracy is not unique to our community and that the answer is neither singular nor easy. The long-term solution is multifaceted and will take the efforts of many different individuals and organizations.

A Shared Initiative, Inc. (ASII) is the 501(c)(3) sister nonprofit of ASI Federal Credit Union. Our mission is to empower individuals and our community through financial education. Founded in 2006 by ASI, A Shared Initiative was created to serve as the community outreach arm of the organization. Sharing a vision with ASI to eliminate poverty, ASII's sole purpose has been to provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education to the communities we serve. The collective efforts of both the nonprofit and credit union has helped more than 2000 families across the metropolitan area.

ASII's programming is designed to address the four pillars of economic mobility:

• Financial Education: Through our Homebuyer Education and financial fitness workshops, ASII staff have developed curricula designed to teach individuals key financial concepts, including: developing a spending plan, understanding interest, identifying best practices for credit-building, and implementing wealth-building.
• Financial Capability: Using the knowledge acquired in our workshops, individuals are armed with the skills to find affordable lending options and/or appropriate financial tools to help enhance their financial position.
• Financial Security: Beyond group workshops, individuals can meet one-on-one with trained staff members who assist in building a financial plan that addresses derogatory credit issues, identifies cash-flow issues, and promotes savings opportunities.
• Financial Wellness: Our one-on-one counseling services and group workshops are dedicated to helping individuals attain a sense understanding, confidence, and overall wellness of their finances.

*2016 National Report Card on Adult Financial Literacy.
My agent said at the closing that I was the "savviest buyer she's had" and I wholly attribute that to your class.
-J. Donovan, 4/22/2016

With ASII's help, I was finally able to buy my first home. I would like to thank ASII staff for everything. Without the assistance and patience of the staff, this would have never happened.
-J.Dorsey, 01/26/2016