Wounded War Heroes

The credence behind Wounded War Heroes Foundation is to show appreciation to the men and women, while in combat who sustained life-altering wounds, by providing therapeutic outdoor experiences upon returning home from USA combat missions. Our sole purpose is to show these veterans the steadfast mission promise from Wounded War Heroes that their courageous service to our nation, are "Never Forgotten." The supreme principle behind Wounded War Heroes is, "Putting Heroes in the Outdoors."

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Category: Human Services
Website: http://woundedwarheroes.org/
Parish: Lafourche
Email: Treasurer@WoundedWarHeroes.Org
To date, Wounded War Heroes has grown from one big fishing rodeo annually to over 100+ different hunting, fishing and other outdoor events made possible by our loyal sponsors with outstanding contributions helping the Wounded War Heroes' organization showing everyone's countless appreciation towards the men and women, wounded in combat.

With their generosity, we continue our mission to support and fund therapeutic outdoor experiences, upon their return home from fighting for our country. Show support for our fantastic sponsors by visiting Wounded War Heroes Website's listing of these sponsors at the footer of all pages.

A passion for the outdoors and the desire to give something back to these courageous men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country and sustained life-altering wounds in the fight for freedom is the premise behind Wounded War Heroes. Our military men and women put their lives on the line so we can wake up every morning and go about our day, enjoying freedom in ways big and small. Wounded War Heroes, "Putting Heroes in the Outdoors."
***** This organization is a top notch outfit. I have seen broken men and women uplifted by the generous work this group performs. It is all about the Heroes, ensuring that all efforts are directed to let these true American Heroes know that they are not forgotten. GOD Bless America
Role: Volunteer
***** Doesn't matter how big or small your needs these men and women want to help you in every way! I can't thank them enough for the things they have done for me!
***** Best organization ever! I don't know where I would be in my life right without this organization. Everyone associated with them are truly wonderful and caring human beings. It would take to long to list the ways they have helped me and my family.
***** As a retired Marine Infantry-Man (wounded in combat) who served 3 tours in Afghanistan, 3 tours in Iraq, and one tour in Somalia (1993) never did I believe that I would experience camaraderie and a brotherhood ever again once I got out. However, I was informed of the Wounded War Heroes and after contacting them I was welcomed as family. The amazing things they do for us Veterans is beyond reproach. I have seen Veterans with PTSD, TBI, Amputees, and Paraplegics who through this organization have been offered assistance at any given time whether it be financial or otherwise in order to make their lives more comfortable. Additionally, this organization has restored a sense of pride and happiness in all of us that can't possibly be measured. R/S, Walter Diggs 1stSgt/USMC Ret.
***** I just wanted to thank everyone for this past year. I have participated in several WWH events and every time I come home with a new attitude, rested and relaxed. I would like to especially thank everyone for setting up the deer hunt I went on not so long ago. I had a great time, met some new wonderful people and even though we had to cut it short for a sponsor's family emergency it was still a great weekend. For those who do not know that was my first ever deer hunt. So to bag a doe on my first try was pretty special.
Again thanks for all that y'all do FOR us and WITH us! Ms. Tanya Whitney --- Follow Up 2017... Hey y'all, just received my 1st service dog from the Wounded War Heroes. GOD bless all of you guys and gals. --Tanya