KID smART engages children in dynamic, creative and rigorous learning through the arts. In a KID smART classroom, students might learn the water cycle through dance, understand fractions by mixing paint colors, or explore complex vocabulary words through pantomime. Arts-integrated lessons are designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles and abilities so that all may excel.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
KID smART was founded in 1999 by artists Allison Stewart and Campbell Hutchinson as a response to the decreasing availability of arts education in New Orleans public schools. KID smART's current focus is arts integration - linking instruction in the arts with instruction in the academic curriculum - to:

• Increase students' academic achievement, build their critical thinking/problem-solving skills, foster creativity and imagination and enhance their social/emotional growth;
• Increase teacher efficacy and job satisfaction through the use of arts integrated instructional practice.

KID smART's core activities include placing teaching artists in schools to co-plan and co-teach with classroom teachers, and offering monthly workshops to classroom teachers to reinforce their skills in arts-integrated teaching. In 2017-18, KID smART partners with 12 New Orleans public schools, reaching 2,357 students and 249 educators.
"I was laughing! I want the kids to have as much fun in class as I did here tonight!"
- Classroom teacher talking about KID smART professional development workshop

"KID smART helps you learn a lot of things. You can express your thoughts through music."
- 6th grade student at Dolores T. Aaron Academy