504HealthNet is dedicated to ensuring everyone in our community has access to high-quality primary care and behavioral health services irrespective of the person's ability to pay. To do this, 504HealthNet supports an integrated and coordinated network of healthcare providers in the Greater New Orleans area through advocacy, outreach, and education efforts.

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Category: Health
Parish: Orleans
504HealthNet has three main program areas: advocacy, outreach and education. Through our advocacy work we advance policies at the state and national level that improve access to quality, affordable health insurance and health care services for all, with a specific focus on low-income populations. Our efforts include educating and discussing health care policy with Louisiana elected officials and organizing public forums. Most recently, we have been focused on preventing funding cuts from benefits to the Medicaid program. Over the last five years, our efforts have helped to assist in decreasing the uninsured rate in Greater New Orleans area from approximately 24% to less than 12%.
Through our outreach program, we educate community members and connect them to available primary care and behavioral health services in addition to affordable payment and health insurance options. We support the clinics in our network with quality improvement efforts by providing trainings and facilitating care coordination between clinics and hospitals. 504HealthNet is uniquely positioned to create change in the greater New Orleans area because we work with people in all levels of the health care system including patients, providers, insurance companies and governmental officials.