Japan Society of New Orleans

The Japan Society of New Orleans was founded in 1928 to foster friendly relationships with Japan through the study of Japanese art and culture as well as social and trade contacts between the two countries. Since its founding the Society has not been involved with political discussion of US/Japanese relations and confined its endeavors to cultural and social relations between the two countries.

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Category: Arts & Culture
Parish: Orleans
Japan Society of New Orleans has four (4) programs to experience Japan: See it (Japanese Cinema Series), Hear it (Nihongo Bin), Read it (Kwaidan Book Club and Speak it (Nihongo Renshuu). Our programs meet regularly throughout the year. Visit our website and events calendar to see the schedule of programs we have planned. We also sponsor events, which are one time happenings, throughout the year. These include the Japan US Military Program, A Walk in the US, Talk on Japan series and others.