350 New Orleans

350 New Orleans is a volunteer-led climate activist group connecting our region to the international climate change movement. Our mission is to lend support to initiatives in New Orleans that raise consciousness and promote sound policy around climate change. We prioritize locally-grown initiatives over national ones and collaboration over working alone. We recognize and seek to amplify the power of existing New Orleans- and Gulf-based groups working for climate justice in their own communities.

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Category: Environment
Parish: Orleans
We exist because climate change poses unprecedented threats to life, and coastal Louisiana is especially vulnerable. Rising seas, hotter temperatures, and stronger storms have grave implications for the futures of our coasts, communities, and cultures.

As a volunteer-led organization, we put the entirety of our budget back into community projects. When civic leaders along the Bayou Bridge pipeline route ask for support canvassing their neighbors, we are there with flyers and trained volunteers. When an amazing coalition of community activists in New Orleans East ask for their struggle against a gas-fired power plant elevated, we are there with phone banks and testimonials before City Council. When New Orleanians wish to plug into the local climate justice movement, we are there with training opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and locally-focused issue briefs and educational materials. And because we know we must employ diverse, multi-level tactics to protect what we love, we have also retained legal support and acted as official Intervenors on several projects.

We have worked in coalition with many amazing organizations and communities in New Orleans and beyond. We go where we are asked to go, and value the slow, steady work of relationship-building that makes our movement sustainable.