Daughters of Charity Foundation of New Orleans

The mission of Daughters of Charity Foundation of New Orleans is to be the philanthropic advocate for Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans realizing and supporting its strategic direction as it provides high-quality comprehensive, affordable health care for all members of our community regardless of their ability to pay.

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Addressing community health disparities has been central to the work of the Daughters of Charity in New Orleans for more than 180 years. Today, the Daughters rely on support from the community to continue our mission of providing high-quality health care to all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.

Your GiveNOLA Day gifts are critical to the support we provide for children and their families. Funds raised during this 24-hour period enable us to purchase books that are prescribed to our pediatric patients during well-visits as part of our Read for Your Health program.
Since 2016, our Read for Your Health program has impacted the lives of over 3,500 children and families in the greater New Orleans region. Here are some of our favorite stories and testimonials about the power of our program.

"Our children look forward to and love their books and are not bashful in asking for the books. They often remind their parents and doctors before they leave their visit." - Robin Tircuit, Area Practice Manager

"Reading helps increase vocabulary, ability to concentrate and it allows the development of imagination. Over time with books, I have seen parents - many who were not readers and weren't read to as children - get more involved and bond with their children, unlike when a child plays a video game alone on a computer or electronic device. When children begin to read, they are reading out loud and asking questions, similar to what their experience will be when they enter kindergarten in school. This creates less fear and more self-esteem in children." - Sandra Robinson M.D.

"I believe in this program so much that I have purchased books to keep our Read for Your Health library full. I believe if you introduce children to books at an early age it helps build a passion for reading and education in our youth." - Corey Hebert, M.D.

The program has made a significant impact on families like Ilka Ricks and her son Silas who, during a visit with Dr. Hebert, was beyond excited to receive his Read for Your Health well-visit book. Ms. Ricks said, "This program has helped teach Silas the alphabet". - A Read for Your Health patient and family